At Epiphaniou Scrap Metal, we’re all about turning one company’s waste into another company’s metal supply. Today industrial metal recycling has become progressively more challenging as new products turn up in increased levels of complexity. Common commodity metals like steel are easy to recover given that their use in relatively simple applications. On the other […]

How to Make Cleanup at Your Demolition Site Go More Smoothly

Demolition is a messy yet necessary business. In some cases, getting rid of a crumbling structure can be a matter of safety for people who work or live in surrounding buildings. CREATE A CLEANUP PLAN Initial planning for any demolition involves discussions about the kinds of methods or equipment the team might use. However, it […]

What Your Manufacturing Business Need to Know About Recycling Materials

Being in the manufacturing business means there are a lot of materials being used. This also means a lot of waste is produced. Rather than throwing it away or letting it take up needed space in your facility, why not make a positive environmental impact and recycle your waste?  WHAT MATERIALS CAN BE RECYCLED Recycling […]

COVID-19’s Impact on the Commodities Market

For a snapshot of how COVID-19 has impacted the commodities market, picture copper. Last March, copper prices dropped to their lowest level since January 2016 amid investors’ global panic over the coronavirus, which was rapidly reaching pandemic status. In May, copper prices experienced an uptick as lockdown measures were eased around the world and there […]