Ferrous Metals

ferrous metal is made up of iron and other metals to give the ferrous properties required.

  • ‘Heavy Melting Scrap (HMS) # 1
  • Heavy Melting Scrap (HMS) # 1 & 2 Mixed
  • Sheared Steel Scrap
  • Baled Steel Scrap
  • Tin Plated Steel Scrap
    Cast Iron
HMS # 1

Non- Ferrous Metals

Non-ferrous metals don’t contain a significant amount of iron and are more desirable as they have conductive, non-magnetic, and low weight properties. The higher demand for non-ferrous metals means they are generally more expensive than ferrous metals.

  • Birch/Cliff
  • Berry
  • Mill Berry
  • Soudronic Wire
  • Copper Granules “GLOVE” & “COCOA”
  • Copper Cables (various types)
Copper Cables
  • Aluminium Castings “TENSE”
  • Aluminium “TAINT/TAIBOR”
  • Aluminium Profile 6063
  • Aluminium PVC Cables, ACSR, etc
  • Aluminium Turnings
  • Aluminium Used Beverage Cans (UBC)
  • Aluminium/Irony scrap
  • Aluminium Litho sheets
  • Aluminium new sheet Cuttings
  • Aluminium Foil
  • Mixed Brass scrap “HONEY”
  • Brass Turnings
  • Brass Cartridges
  • Brass Elements
  • Red Brass scrap
Mixed Brass Honey
Brass Turnings
  • Zinc Diecasts
  • Zinc Ashes
  • Zinc Drossses
  • Zinc Powder
  • Zinc Fines
Zinc Fines
Stainless Steel
  • 304, 430, 316 Grades
Stainless Steel 304 (18/8)
  • Soft Lead Scrap in tubes, sheets and strippings
  • Antimonium Lead in Ingots
  • Soft Lead in Ingots
Soft Lead Strippings
  • Copper/Brass Radiators
  • Aluminium/Copper Radiators
  • Aluminium Radiators
Copper/Brass Radiators

Other products

  • Copper and Aluminium Transformers
    Electric Motors
  • Computers and other Electronic Scrap
  • Telecommunications scrap
    Car and other Batteries
Telecommunication Scrap
Computer Scrap
Copper Cables
Copper Wire Transformers